Mobile Pizza Catering is our Specialty

How our catering service works

Step by step overview of our catering process


Arrive at your Venue

We will arrive at your venue approx 2-3 hours before your designated serving time.

This is when we light the oven and start preparing the entree and main pizza for serving.

PLEASE NOTE: Our service is designed as a ‘Buffet Style’ service. We require a designated table for placing the pizzas on once cooked for your guests to then come and help themselves. We do not offer a table service as this allows us to keep the cost down for your function.

Kiaora Pizza Event Marquee
Garlic Pizza Starters


Starter Entree Pizza

Once most of your guests arrive we will start serving the Margarita and Garlic cheese entree pizza.

If you plan on having platters we can serve the starter pizza to complement your table platters.


Mains Pizza Serving

After the entree pizza, we will then start serving the Gourmet and Traditional pizza main’s. (at your designated serving time.)

We will keep cooking and serving until your guests have eaten their full :o)

Wedding Guests Enjoying Pizza
Time to Leave


Time to Finish

We have all had a fun night, and your guests have eaten well. We will the start our cleanup and get ready to depart.

Although we don’t limit our time at your function. arrival and departure is typically 3-4 hours (depending on number of guests :o)

some fun times

the wedding pizza table
wedding Flowers
The Bride and Groom
Handing out the Pizza
wolf brother concert catering
Pizza catering at Devonport Tasmania
The Bride and Groom
Event Catering Festival in Devonport Tasmania

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Firing up The Pizza Oven